Updates: August 1, 2017

The following is a summary of construction activities taking place in the building as management continues to repair and rebuild the A-L lines so residents can return home as quickly as possible.

  • All interior asbestos abatement work is 100% complete on the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Floors. Areas abated include kitchen floors, corridor floors and insulated piping.
  • A temporary rubber roofing membrane has been 100% installed at the floor level of the 5th Floor. This renders the first four floors of Bank C waterproof as repairs continue.
  • Interior demolition and stud removal has been 100% completed on the ground floor through the 5th Floor
  • Joist replacement on the roof will begin tomorrow.
  • Architectural filing plans are completed and will be submitted to NYC Department of Buildings this week.
  • Mechanical filing plans are being completed for submission this week.